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Local Eats at the Pinehurst Lodge

We couldn't believe our incredible luck: we moved all the way from Brooklyn to the California boonies, and landed a two-minute walk away from one of the best hamburgers we've ever eaten, at the Pinehurst Lodge.

Originally a sawmill built over 100 years ago, "The Pinehurst" (as it's known around here) is a local hangout with an emphasis on food for carnivores and those who enjoy a bit of alcohol with their meals. The Saturday night special is prime rib (and BBQd ribs, which are not on the menu—you'll have to ask for them). A few items for vegetarians include salads and stuffed baked potatoes. There's usually a Monday night special that's especially tasty, since that's the night the wine tasting group eats out.

Reasonably priced, family friendly, Pinehurst Lodge is a great way to get to know the folks in our neck of the woods. And it's only two minutes down the road from fivespot!

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