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Spring, summer, winter, fall: every season is special at fivespot and in Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park. Explore the cabin and nearby sightseeing in the Gallery.

fivespot cabin 2
fivespot front garden
fivespot front porch 1
fivespot front porch 2
fivespot kitchen and dining
fivespot fireplace 1
fivespot bathroom 2
fivespot bathroom 1
fivespot fireplace 2
fivespot living room 2
fivespot dining
fivespot kitchen and dining 2
fivespot chalkboard 2
fivespot chalkboard 1
fivespot living and dining
fivespot living room
fivespot bathroom 1
fivespot bathroom 4
fivespot bathroom 3
fivespot bathroom 2
fivespot back yard 1
fivespot back yard 2
fivespot back patio 1
fivespot back patio 2
fivespot back patio 3
fivespot sauna
fivespot sauna and outdoor shower
the outdoor shower
Alpenglow 2

dramatic alpenglow effects on the view from fivespot's front porch

Alpenglow 1

sunset effects in the winter give a rosy glow to fivespot

winter at fivespot 1
winter at fivespot 2

a winter view from behind the cabin

fivespot back yard 3

fivespot from a flowery springtime back yard

fivespot back yard 4

Logger's Point, behind fivespot

spring foothills 4

Springtime in the foothills (views along the route to fivespot from the south on Dry Creek Drive)

spring foothills 6

Dry Creek Drive

spring foothills 2

Dry Creek Drive

spring foothills 1

Springtime in the foothills

spring foothills 5

Dry Creek Drive

spring foothills 3

Dry Creek Drive

The Pinehurst Lodge

Walk to the Pinehurst from fivespot for lunch, dinner, drinks, the pool table, jukebox, and big fireplace.

Pinehurst Lodge fireplace

The Pinehurst Lodge

Pinehurst Lodge bar

The Pinehurst Lodge bar


One mile from fivespot is a lovely stream, waterfall, and Native American grinding holes, called Cedarbrook.

Giant Sequoias 1

Drive only 15 minutes to see the first of hundreds of giants in Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park.

Giant Sequoias 2
Giant Sequoias 3

Giant Sequoias, 15 minutes from fivespot

Buck Rock 1

Buck Rock is a fire lookout in Sequoia National Forest, about 35 minutes from fivespot.

Buck Rock 2

Buck Rock

Buck Rock 3

Buck Rock

Park snow

Skiing in Sequoia National Park

Kings Canyon 2

Foothill flowers in Kings Canyon

Kings Canyon 1

Princess Meadow in Kings Canyon National Park

Kings Canyon 3

Kings Canyon

fivespot cabin 1
fivespot, fall color
fivespot cabin logo
fivespot flowers
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