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Buck Rock Fire Lookout

February 20, 2017

This post is not for you if you're afraid of heights! But if you are brave, Buck Rock is a fascinating piece of history with a knockout view.


Situated on a granite dome in the Big Meadows area of Sequoia National Forest, Buck Rock is a fire lookout tower built in 1923. It's quite a climb to the top (172 steps), but a 360-degree view of the Sierra and the Coast Ranges is your reward. It is staffed continuously during the fire season by Forest Service employees and volunteers.


It's not a cushy job. During the summer, thunderstorms keep lookouts awake as they scan for lightning-caused fires, and do so while sitting on a special chair that will protect them from being struck themselves!


There's lots more information and history at the Buck Rock Foundation website. Check it out, and don't miss it when you are here!



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