Fivespot is a vacation rental cabin located in California's southern Sierra Nevada near Sequoia Kings Canyon National Park. Built in the 1940s, it was completely renovated in 2007. Great for couples, small families, and intimate friends, fivespot opened for rest, relaxation, and adventure in 2008.  Bachrun and Mahalia have created a home away from home, for fun and comfort in the mountains, while offering the necessary amenities of city living (but not including a television). Welcome!


Summer is the high season in the Sierra Nevada, for good reason: the sun shines from June through October. Hiking trails are open, wildlife and wildflowers abound. 


February is already springtime in the Valley; its famous fruit trees flower in spectacular gridded patterns. By March and April you'll see fiddlehead and nievitas (little snow), poppies and lupine. In April and May at fivespot, maddia and redbud are abundant. But further up in the sequoia groves winter hangs on until June.

fivespot in the winter


If you are here at the perfect moment, you can snowshoe right out the back door of the cabin. But in any case, fivespot is perfectly situated for bigger winter adventures—it's just a 15 minute drive to the entrance of Kings Canyon National Park, where sequoias are blanketed in deep snow all winter.    


Once the rain and snow begins in the fall, the mood changes here in Pinehurst and in the Park. Softer scents, vivid greens in the vegetation, cool to brisk temperatures, quiet roads and hiking trails are waiting for you to enjoy them.